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March 17, 2011


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O had more happier moments than not ... if we could just clone the Mama Ciroli ...all the probs would be solved ... hmmmm?

I did feel like a rock star with all the pictures being snapped of us ... and, yes, I posed in those pictures just like Miss O has been doing. And everyone talks about how beautiful the O is!!

As far as I know, John did not fall asleep anyplace today!! But a little bird told me he crashed early with his little girls tonight! We have worn him out ... wrangling 2 kids is about 5 times more work than just 1 ... I forgot how it goes!

And the little one is giving out kisses! She puckers that little mouth up and lays one on!

I am going to die tomorrow when I have to leave this family in Detroit! It is going to kill me not knowing how The O and The BB are finding their way ... and my Big Girl, too ... okay, I'll also miss John-John!



i think i left my black lace tights and bustier back in 1989...but it does look like y'all had a fun day regardless...




I didn't even know there *was* a Hong Kong Disneyland. I thought the Evil Mouse gave up its UPMC-like practices after Paris Disneyland bombed.

What's next, Dubai Disneyland? I am SO not gonna look that up because I'm 99% sure I'd be terrified by the answer.

The more you know...

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