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March 19, 2011


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Awwww! I KNEW there would be MUCH drawer/ door open/closing!! How long did it take her to find the trash can??? I have been stalking FB for an update - Michael is cracking up! He was positive I would wake up requesting a Road Trip to Pittsburgh!! P.S. I did not wake up at 5:30 am; however, I would have been delighted to entertain her!

I think both girls did remarkably well on the plane - not to mention you and your sidekick ... who I now adore even more than ever! Love you and miss you like you can't believe! You and John are are perfect book ends - just ... AWESOME!!!

Sarah J

Welcome home! Can't wait to hear about the next stage of this great adventure.


So happy you're home safe and sound and that Beatrix has gotten such a warm welcome. :) We can't wait to meet her and introduce her to our own Masters of Disaster.


Just found your blog, and at what a remarkable time! Congratulations to you all, and a big "I am so impressed" to all the street people!!


Welcome Home Ciroli Family. You know when I first heard about "street people" I was concerned,,But it sounds like they are wondeful. Keep updating....I am so happy for you all.



The Street People totally just made me cry. Welcome home!


So much love!


Your Street People are incredible!


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