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March 08, 2011


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Look at that family!! What a great picture!

Give Miss O a hug for us. Between being in a foreign country, dealing with jet lag, and suddenly getting a sister, it must be so stressful.


You are all beautiful, this makes me so happy. And poor O, what a big transition this is. *hugs* for her!


Yet *another* argument for Dr. Doug to formulate Kiddie Klonopin.

Karen Boyer

Enjoyed reading this. Will pray for O. What an adjustment for her-good she can tell you about her stress. Tell her we are rooting for her on P street, that Ali and Eden were so very impressed how many times she picked up the things that Miss B threw on the video. Love you guys.


a beautiful family picture...so happy for you all.


What a *gorgeous* family picture. And I'm glad that Beatrix is such a good eater (the picture of her with her face in the food CRACKED ME UP) - she and Ian can have an eat-off someday. ;-)

Poor Miss O. This must be such a rough transition for her - and I know that *I* hit the "I just want to go HOME" wall a little over a week into a trip, even when it's not at all stressful, and I'm a grownup! Extra hugs for her.

Sarah J

I didn't know I'd be so happy to hear about the end of a Harmonious Period.

I'm impressed how well O has done, even with this breakdown. As the other fine Sarah said, this kind of trip is stressful and tiring even without a major shift in your family structure.

Hugs to you all, including Nan Yu!


Aww, poor O. She's been such a trooper. How much longer are you there (and is that pre-determined, or was it your decision)? Are you there with other couples/families who are also adopting? Are you calling your daughter Nan Yu for now, then switching to Beatrix later? Sorry for so many questions! It's all *so* exciting to read about and see it take place.


Poor O :( That has got to be an intense week, all around.

Lovelovelove the family picture!!

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