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October 27, 2008


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Those are too cute!

Call me confused though. Why did you have to scrape off the Oreo filling? And why were you cutting them into thirds? They look like whole Oreos to me...


Tina, the eyes are whole oreo halves (does that make sense?) and the ears are made from the other, filling-less half. So, basically, you split the Oreo veeeerrry carefully, trying to keep all the filling on one half. Then you scrape off the other half and slice it into thirds (discarding the middle piece) to make a set of ears.

Burgh Baby

They turned out SUPER cute, and now I'll be trying to concoct a way to make them that doesn't involve tearing apart a bunch of Oreos. Double chocolate cookies with white icing, perhaps?


Ahh.. the ears are covered in frosting, so I didn't even realize they were the other Oreos. Clever! And time consuming!


Those are incredible! Thanks for sharing.


ClumberKim - thank you! Now you see why I was dying (and drooling) over those cupcake holders you got as a gift.


Those are incredibly cute! :-) I may have to put that book on my wishlist and see if anyone gets it so I can torture myself over the next several years.


Adorable! And that explains the plurk about the banana runts ;) hehe


Those are darling! Way to go!!


I'm 99% sure that I am going to giant eagle to look like a crazy lady scooping out banana runts today. These are my favorite halloween treat I've seen, so I think I'm going to steal the idea and make them :)

They really are super cute! You did a great job!

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