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January 09, 2009


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And don't forget the bottled water! Years ago, we always kept a giant water dispenser bottle in our fridge. Needing a new one, I (foolishly) stopped at the grocery store on the day before a predicted storm. In the aisle that was supposed to contain the bottled water, I found bare shelves and one slowly-leaking gallon of distilled water. I didn't even have the opportunity to protest that my water was Regular Water, not Storm Water. Who knew that along with the snow, we were going to be hit by a hurricane (or possibly a hurriphonado!) as well?!


haha love it. I actually went to The Iggle today, and it was nice and empty. Got through the checkout quick, and I did buy bread. But not milk or TP. hehe

When we lived in New England, every time there was a snow or hurricane warning the stores would fill with people buying "white things", i.e. bread, toilet paper, and milk, plus all kinds of batteries. Weird.


So I've just realized that I subconsciously plagiarized a line from this entry in my blog from today! Sorry. Just call me George Harrison. Do I have to pay you a million dollars now?

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