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June 02, 2009


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Gah. Tellers? Not always so bright. This reminds me of our French banking disaster:

Prior to leaving for our trip...
Husband: Physically goes to bank, asks about using ATM card overseas, teller assures him it will work and there's nothing he needs to do.

Me: Calls credit union, CU woman assures me the ATM card will work and puts a note on the account to make sure it does.

Once in Paris, we try the ATM...
Husband: ATM laughs an evil French laugh and tells him no way, no how is he getting any Euros, and if he tries it again, it will eat his card.

Me: ATM says, "Here, take the entire contents of your checking account in Euros, ma'am, because your fool husband's bank is populated with morons."

Upon return home...
Husband: Physically goes to bank to rip them a new one, is told that he should've asked to have the card activated for overseas use. (How he did not kill someone, I do not know.)

Me: Laments lack of checking account contents, praises credit union.

Burgh Baby

Having worked with pretty much every teller at Citizens, I can say that it takes a special kind of person to work in a situation where you could get shot at any time for a lowly $7-$10/hr. So, yeah. That.

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