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January 13, 2011


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Kelly  (nursekel)

This post makes me well up with tears :) So so happy for you !


This kid? She's getting one stellar family.

Susan MacDuffee

I agree with Kelly and Cari. I am so excited for all of you. I know that Miss O. is going to be a great big sister. Best wishes.


Aww, Miss O is going to be a GREAT big sister. I'm so happy for all of you. I hope you have Nan Yu home with you by the time I go on my Epic Road Trip so I can meet her. :-)

Burgh Baby

I am ridiculously happy for you guys. I hope the next few weeks pass quickly and you have her in your arms very soon.


And I cried about you crying when writing your letter and when adding Olivia's part.


There's so much awesome here I don't know where to start. If y'all want to adopt me I might be available. What's one more? :)


This is so very awesome. I just want to know how Grammie fit all that monogrammed stuff in a small shoe box.


=) =) =)
Can't keep from smiling whenever you write about Nan-Yu! What an amazing blessing for your family.


Aw. Miss O made me tear up. :-) I can't wait for your whole family to be together in person.

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