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March 09, 2011


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Susan MacDuffee

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news. I am crying happy tears for you and your family Jennifer. Nan Yu is adorable and Olivia is an amazing big sister. Well, she is an amazing kid to begin with but seeing these pictures only makes me feel she is that much more amazing. :) Best wishes and safe travels home.


I feel like you are living my life on the food front. Liam = pickiest eater known to man. Jamie = shove in everything in sight. EESH.

She's becoming one of the family in record time. Before long it will be hard to remember the time before she arrived.

PS - Want me to meet you at the airport with a Pico Burrito and a smuggled out margarita? ;)


@Cari, I'm sure they'll stop at the Robinson Mad Mex on their way back to P Street. ;-)

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