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March 10, 2011


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My heart is breaking. Thank you for sharing this with us. (((hugs)))


I am crying as I read this. Poor babies. Poor mamas.

I can't imagine how difficult this day was, but I'm so glad you were able to document these things for BNY. Hugs to you all.


I'm in tears just reading this, I can't imagine going through it with your daughter. you all are so lucky to have found each other. thank you for letting its follow along on this amazing journey. My love to you all.


So often the most important and lasting things we do for our children are the very hardest.

Lots of hugs to you all.


As painful as this is, I agree, I think this is really important for you and for her. What an awful decision to have to make. I'm so thankful Nan Yu came to you.


Oh my god, I'm crying now too.
Did someone translate her mom's note for you, I hope?
And were you able to get a copy of her baby picture, or at least snap a picture of it?


Every day I am more and more proud of you and John! I wanted to bring all those babies home and share them with all of our friends! We know for sure that our girl's caregivers loved her and they are so happy for her ... and us! The Social Worker running out to meet us to tell us how special she is was amazing! And I love her mother for doing the best thing for her ... but especially for writing the note! And I know for sure that there is no labor and delivery any more difficult than what you had to take in today! Well, maybe her poor mother leaving her may have been more difficult! But Beatrix wiping your tears at her "finding spot" ... priceless! Love you, My Girl!

Tom Boyer

I remember how difficult that was also. You will be glad you did it. It will help in her journey in the future. Peace to you today.


Many, many hugs to you all.

Christopher Boyce

I want to know what the note said! That must have been hard - I'm glad you are documenting all of this.


**hugs** It is so heartbreaking that Beatrix Nan Yu's birthmother had to make that decision - I can't even begin to imagine. But given that she had to do it, your family is, surely, exactly what she hoped for for her little girl.

Christopher Boyce

haha.. nevermind - I had it translated by one of my staff.

I still don't understand, though, what a "finding spot" is. Is that where she was left?

Sarah J

Heartbreaking as it is, I think it's a gift that you can be a witness to these parts of Beatrix Nan Yu's early life. Such a painful start to end up with you as her family.


((hugs)) What a difficult day. Definitely worth it though - for her future.

gloria p

Your story reinforces what a wonderful opportunity you are providing for Beatrix for a better life. My heart breaks for all the little girls left behind in the orphanage.

Karen Boyer

You guys are great-for facing all of this and keeping it for little Nan Yu until her time to share. So glad you put her in the sling at the orphanage-very good move :)

Susan MacDuffee

I have chills and happy tears for you all Jen. I am so glad that you are documenting everything you can for BNY. My cousin was adopted from Korea and my aunt kept her little knitted outfit and a t-shirt that she was wearing under it for her. They did not have to travel to Korea to get her though. You guys are going through so much emotional stuff right now, I can't imagine. BNY is a fortunate girl who has and had many people to care for and love her. She is getting the best family. :)

I know you will treasure that baby picture. I have none of my boys. There "baby" pictures are when they were 6 and 7 when we first met them.

I feel we are kindred spirits in that way, we are both adoptive parents. I am so happy for you and have been for a long while. I hope you will all be home safely soon. Thank you for sharing your story as always.

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