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June 07, 2012


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Oh my, I love Bea and all of her triumphs. I can't believe she grew 9 inches! I wish I had my boys' milestone moments like you are experiencing with Bea. I try to remember some of the words Andrew used to say incorrectly and I can't even remember them. He had trouble with the letters L,Y, G, and R. One word he said was "girl" for "grill." He also spoke a form of ebonics (if that is even a correct term) since their foster mother was an older black woman. They spoke like she did. They were 4 and 5 when they moved in with her. It is wonderful to see them grow and learn new things. I think it is awesome that your daugher ordered her own yo-lurt. My 11 year old son won't even go to the bathroom in public by himself unless someone goes into the bathroom with him. Including me, if I am the only one available. So, even though I know 11 is too old to use the women's restroom, he is either playing me or he is still afraid to be by himself in certain places.


Fabulous stuff - all of it. :) NINE INCHES?! Holy crap! No wonder she needed two yogurts!

Miss you guys. :)


I so love your Bea stories, Jennifer! Made my day today. I just adore her!!


I love the stories and the fact that they let me watch her grow from afar. The girls love it when I read them aloud! We miss you guys!


If she grew NINE INCHES in only one year, I'm surprised she only needed two yo-lurts! Go Bea!


every single time I read any post on this blog about Bea my eyes well up with tears of happiness. It's such an incredible journey and I love that you share it with us !
And yes, HOLY CRAP ... 9 inches ??? Clearly you feed her more than just yo-lurt !

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